7 Tips for a Memorable Trip to New Zealand

Almost everyone in the world who wasn’t born in New Zealand wants to cross the South Pacific Ocean and set foot in New Zealand. Who wouldn’t love this country? Imagine the lush greeneries and snow-capped mountains – yes that is New Zealand!

However, just like any other offshore vacation, a trip to New Zealand can be quite tricky. So we have compiled some useful tips that you can follow to make the best of  your vacation.

  1.       Book your flight and hotels early. New Zealand is a beautiful country with large tourism numbers especially during peak season. If you want to have a comfortable place to stay in New Zealand, make sure you plan your trip and book months before your trip.
  2.       Rent a camper van. We understand that no two persons are alike. So if you are the adventurous type who wants to take the path less travelled, we suggest that you rent a camper van or motor home. This lets you travel across the country and enjoy a good night sleep wherever you are.
  3.       Come by spring or fall. New Zealand has an amazing weather so if you want to catch some fresh air and enjoy how wonderful it can be in New Zealand, travel around spring or fall. Take note, however, that these are peak seasons in New Zealand, so expect a lot of travelers around this time.
  4.       Travel during winter to see its beautiful snow-capped mountains. If you are not a summer love, you can go to New Zealand during winter.  You can go snowboarding on Mount Ruapehu Volcano in Tongariro National Park and still have the best New Zealand vacation ever.
  5.       Try some “Flat White”. Although both Australia and New Zealand claim to have the best coffee, we believe the latter has the best Flat White coffee.  Flat White is a very popular coffee flavor in New Zealand. In fact, Starbucks in North America is starting to serve such flavor.
  6.       Enjoy wine tasting. New Zealand doesn’t produce as much wine as Australia but its wines have ranked among the best in the world. Some of the best wines you can try are Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. First timers will not like their taste but wine lovers will say they are fantastic!
  7.       Enjoy the country’s seafood. New Zealand is not just about mountains and green landscape. It has actually the best seafood in the world. Head to some nearby beaches and try the Mount Cook salmon, which is not only healthy but a very delicious local meal.

New Zealand is definitely an amazing country. We hope that these tips will be useful during your trip.

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