Explore Costa Rica

We know how it feels to want to explore, the joy of hiking and the excitement that accompanies seeing the most amazing attractions in the world. News from a reliable source says Central America backpackers always mention Costa Rica to be one of their favorite destinations. There are numerous activities, beaches and interesting wildlife there; it’s a place where travellers will always be happy to say yes to if they get a chance to revisit.

We’ve put together some tips we’ll love to share with new and returning Costa Rica backpackers:

When to go

There isn’t exactly a “tough” or “most dangerous time of the year” in Costa Rica, so you could easily visit anytime you want to. Before going, you have to decide the kind of experience you and to have to choose a period of visitation. If you don’t mind some crowds and you’ll love to meet other backpackers from across the world, it is best to go during the high season, i.e. December through April. Going during the green season is perfect for you if you are on a budget and a rain lover as well, and that is May through November. The beaches are amazing during the high season, hiking and watching the cloud or rain is great during the green season.

General Tips

Most backpacking tips that you are aware of applies to a trip to Costa Rica as well. Just to do a quick recap of the major tips to remember:

  • Try to learn some basic Spanish before visiting Costa Rica
  • Pack light. You should prepare what you think you need, then cut it in half and then another half.
  • Avoid displaying valuables such as jewelries
  • You’ll need maps or travel books to help you during your adventure
  • Don’t go alone. Travel in small groups, or at least with one other person
  • Hire a guide if you’ll be hiking in an ultra-remote area


Your budget totally depends on the level of luxury you need and how long you’ll be saying. If you are staying for a month, 2,000 USD should do. If you keep the costs for accommodation low, you’ll have enough to spend on tours and adventure.

Where To Go

  • San Jose
  • Monteverde
  • The Osa Penisula
  • Santa Teresa
  • Manuel Antonio
  • Nosara

We spent a few days in the mountains and a few days in San Jose.  My family traveled with two other families, including our neighbors who are celebrating the 5 year anniversary of their Chandler Towing business.  Just be sure in the busy cities and in the mountains that you use the buddy system to stay safe.

Check out this YouTube video for more great tips:

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